Two-hour Assessment

Our initial, mandatory two-hour assessment is a detailed evaluation of your current physical well-being.

During your first visit, we will examine the effectiveness of your breathing patterns and analyze how your joints are stacked in a rested posture. We will then progress into a more detailed gait analysis by filming your movement in slow motion. Gait is the specific sequences the body goes through when walking and running. Observing an individual’s specific movement patterns allows us to see deeper into a body’s functional capacity. For example, if your body does not lightly absorb the shock from the ground when you run, you can potentially pinpoint a compression somewhere up the kinetic chain, like the ankle, knee, hip, lower back, and spine. Techniques which help anchor the stress off of compressed areas can reduce inflammation and alleviate chronic aches and pains. The more we understand how gait is connected to your structural integrity, the more we can help you solve your problems and reach your fitness goals.




After completing the mandatory two-hour assessment and formulating a plan with your practitioner, the next step is to establish the “foundations” through one-on-one personal training sessions.

The foundations of functional patterns involves correcting your posture through various techniques like joint stacking, active spinal decompression, diaphragmatic breathing, and re-tensioning. These sessions will prime your body to progress into more complex dynamic and explosive movements without experiencing injury. From there, you will continue with more advanced one-on-one training. Similar to foundations, advanced sessions will focus on ways to successfully address your imbalances through realignment techniques, chambers, multi-plane ballistics, and pendulum movements.

Partner Training:

Would you prefer to train with a friend or family member? We also offer partner sessions, a more affordable option compared to private personal training. Although you will be sharing time with another person, our highly-competent practitioners can still address individual postural deficiencies.



Once you have completed the foundation sessions and passed our screening test, you can then advance into a membership level. This will enable you to attend our classes in conjunction with ongoing personal training sessions. If group classes don’t interest you, our membership level will still provide the best value for ongoing private personal training sessions outside of the foundations. We have multiple membership options available.




Would you like to increase your employees’ overall well-being while also increasing their productivity?

Functional Patterns Texas offers multiple corporate wellness programs that can fit your organization’s needs. We can teach employees how to realign posture through techniques such as myofascial release, posturing exercises, and proper breathing mechanics. Not only will these techniques help with alleviating joint and muscular pain, they can also improve your employees’ negative stress response as well. Let us help you create a more functional workplace!



Our group classes are held in a fun and supportive environment.
To access our group classes, you will need to first successfully complete a two-hour assessment and our foundations training.



Our functional group training is structured around the application of all our training methods.

As a warm-up, we will begin with a combination of realignment and chambering techniques to ensure proper connections between the entire body. We will then progress into circuit-based training which consists of multi-plane ballistic and pendulum movements. This class is a great way to train in all phases of exercise: stabilization, strength, endurance, hypertrophy and power. It’s also a great way to test your structural integrity between private training sessions so that you better understand what you need to work on with your personal practitioner.

flex n’ flow

Enjoy the benefits of red-light therapy during our Flex N’ Flow class.

The use of red light creates a relaxed nervous system response which allows our realignment techniques to take full effect. We will begin by establishing the proper tensions between different areas of the body. We will then progress into slow and controlled dynamic movements to test these connections and reintegrate the body as a whole. This class is highly oriented around proper breathing, posture alignment, balance, and pain alleviation techniques.