Megan Leonardo

“ Brandon has helped me a lot over the last month with my back pain and scoliosis. He taught me about Functional Patterns and biomechanics so that I could understand what we needed to work on. Everything was tailored to help me and my scoliosis. Through Functional Patterns and Brandon’s instruction I was able to accomplish the following:

Pain and Structural Issues: I used to have a lot of pain in my lower back after playing a show or working a long shift. I also would get aches and pains in a lot of random places such as my knees and shoulders. Now I barely have any pain and with this training I am able to do small movements/adjustments in my stance throughout a gig or shift so that I no longer go home in pain. If that isn’t enough I know how to release various muscles to ease the pain away. I no longer have lingering back pain.

Curve: I have had a 57 degree “c” curve of scoliosis for years. I was never able to brace when I was younger as the doctors only found out about my scoliosis once it had reached over 40 degrees. They told me I had to have back surgery (25 metal screws, a metal rod, a great majority of my vertebrae fused together, up to 8 months of recovery, and a possibility of additional surgeries later in life) and they could not brace me at that point. I told them no. Since then I have tried alternative bracing, old scoliosis “exercises”, yoga, massage, rolfing and now Functional Patterns. Out of all of these only rolfing and Functional Patterns have had any kind of impact. Rolfing helped with occasional nerve pain bouts, but Functional Patterns has helped with everything else.  After just one month of Functional Patterns training I went back for an x-ray. My curve was now at 41 degrees, the least it’s been since I was 12 years old (I am 28 now). The report even stated “improved scoliosis.” Go FP!

Breathing: I am a working musician so being able to breathe properly is extremely important. When my body is compressed on one side, it really messes with my lung and breathing abilities. After working with Functional Patterns my breathing abilities have vastly improved. I have always had a super compressed (left) side where my body caves in on itself. I always thought I had a “tiny lung” on that side because the rib cage seemed smaller due to rotation and compression. Through teaching me to contain my “rib flare” during every session Brandon helped me realize I didn’t have a “tiny lung” just compression/rotation coming together to make it seem like I did. By reducing this rotation/compression I was able to stack my body better and get more air in my lungs. Now I use that cue during shows to decompress that side, get more air, and have a better show.

Overall Well Being: I’ve always been a sleepy person and had a problem getting motivated for the day. To be fair there were many mornings I showed up to a session with Brandon half asleep and not at all thinking I was ready, but I ALWAYS left a session feeling mentally energized and ready to take on the day. Now I wake up, do some basic Functional Patterns movements and automatically get energized. It gives my body a jolt of synchronization and gets me ready for whatever comes my way.

I would like to say thank you to Brandon for helping me tailor every exercise and working with my aches, pains and scoliotic curve. Thank you to Functional Patterns for helping us all understand the human body in a more dynamic and functional way. I highly recommend Brandon and Functional Patterns to anyone with structural issues or even just someone who wants to learn the correct way to workout. They sure know what they’re doing! ”

Sarah Shaney

My FP personal training experience with Brandon and attending the classes has been awesome! While it will take me some time to switch my way of connecting with my body and exercise differently, I already feel the impact on my structural patterns. I come from the practice of yoga and “strength training, but after a knee injury I came to functional patterns to strengthen my knee and gait. Brandon is very patient with my learning and transitioning my mindset from the previous ways I used to exercise to feel strong and lean. I enjoy the vast knowledge he has about muscle groups, etc and find myself working physically and intellectually to make the connections. I am excited to grow more with functional patterns and learn to exercise in ways that support my wellbeing and honor my body structures. Thanks Brandon and the FP Austin team for creating such a welcoming gym and space to continue to grow my strength! ”

Brett C.

Functional patterns has been an awesome experience for healing my lower back pain and enabling me to move pain free. I was an avid runner for several years, but haven't been able to do much working out since 2014 as a result of a herniated disk and scoliosis. Thanks to my trainer Brandon and the rest of the team, I'm finally on a proper track to recovery without ever having to get surgery. ”

Maria Ciepiel

Went to one of their classes and it was awesome! The team is all highly knowledgeable, and even in a group setting they were able to carefully observe each participant and offer personal guidance accordingly. Most importantly, I could really begin to sense new connections between muscle groups, and I learned how to release stored tension. Highly recommend! ”


Howie Ling

“ I started training with Ben in 2017, before the existence of Function Patterns Texas. The fact that I can now take unlimited group classes and have all the equipment I need in one place is amazing.

About Me: I had spent years doing sports, martial arts and weight lifting. After years of heavy training, my body became stiff and inflexible. Further, I was never able to actually improve my athleticism. So I was looking for a way to increase my body awareness, offset the effects of sitting, fix my lower back pain, and ultimately be a better mover. As a life philosophy, I always found it important to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of my movement. But the truth is, I never really knew HOW - I only found pieces of puzzle here and there. Functional Patterns was the only comprehensive training that was both accessible and effective in terms of rehabbing years of dysfunctional postures and movement patterns, so I could become a better mover.

Pros * Cognitive and physical benefit - It's one of the more mentally and physically challenging types of training I've done. * Increased range of motion, mobility and strength. Less pain. * Body awareness - It'll completely change the way you think about your body. You'll learn to make the inner connections from one part of your body to another. (For instance, I had no idea I could fix my back pain by addressing tightness in my legs.) * You'll learn a lot about MFR (myofascial release) and will be doing it a lot (think self-massage + stretching). * Your FP coach will be able to tell you what areas of your body are causing mobility issues and how to address them with MFR. * You'll regain feeling and control of areas in your body that you had previously lost. * You'll learn how to release tensions in areas that are tight. * You work on activating muscles that are weak from disuse * You'll re-pattern your nervous system to move more efficiently and fix your dysfunctional ways of moving. * If you do it right, you feel incredibly strong and powerful in your movements.

Cons * The training can be very slow and methodical at times - and rightly so. But it's easy to get overwhelmed if you're coming in with a lack of knowledge of how the human body works (99% of people). * Sometimes my trainer would tell me to do simple movements and when I couldn't do them, it would be very de-motivating. * Progress may plateau beyond beginner gains, if you do not spend the time to self-educate and if you're not serious about correcting your own problems. * You learn how most people's knowledge of training is completely wrong and misguided. * You'll hear people speak jargon that doesn't make any sense to most people, and that can get confusing and complicated (again, self-education is key) * Just like anything in life, you have to be open-minded to learn an entirely new thing. And when learning anything new, it takes time and repetition - most people aren't willing to put in the work. But if you are a grinder like me, then you will get more results here than any other discipline or type of training because you are learning to address the root causes of your pain and lack of mobility. * Beyond correcting dysfunctions, if you can build a solid foundation with all your muscles completely integrated from the ground up, you will be able optimize your movements like you never thought possible (At least, that has been my experience).

5 stars - Because there's no other place like it! ”

Cassandra Wakin

Training at Functional Patterns Texas is an experience like no other. Never have I encountered more knowledgeable trainers, or effective training techniques. It challenges and changes not only my body, but my mind. I learned to connect mentally to with my body in ways I never thought possible. I can't imagine a better way to spend my valuable workout time. ”

Jasmine Duran

“ If you are ready for your mind to be blown and transition to a more challenging technique other than basic weight lifting, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this place! I've been experiencing low back pain and sciatica like symptoms. I have tried everything in the books. Just one session with Benjamin made a HUGE difference. He thoroughly explained every exercise to the Te and practically painted a picture for me as to how the body really works. ”

Karoleen Joseph

Visited from Houston and attended the group classes they offered! The practitioner was knowledgeable and made the classes not only educational, but enjoyable. The one on one attention you receive during the classes are helpful since I was new to the training method. Would definitely recommend anyone to try it since the training emphasized posture and joint pain prevention for the exercises! ”

Shana Sturtz

Functional Patterns Texas is the most unique training facility I’ve trained at in all my years of fitness. I’ve been attending personal training sessions with Brandon and classes with the rest of the team for more than a year now. The trainers are highly knowledgeable, educated, motivated and caring. They are a results oriented gym and can help you meet your personal goals, while guaranteeing you do it in a safe and functional way. Your body will get stronger, more efficient, function better and last longer if you commit to training at this gym. The team is highly committed and passionate about the work they do. It’s changed the way I move and breathe, and thankfully, I move pain free. Can’t recommend Functional Patterns Texas enough! ”


Nate Foss

I started going to Functional Patters Texas after seeing a couple of doctors for knee pain during distance running and after soccer games. I realized that I created some serious muscular imbalances from years of bad form and sitting at a computer for work. After a couple one-on-one sessions with Jarrod I started to feel my glutes and adductors fire correctly, not to mention improvement in core strength. Aside from exercise, learning how to self massage tight areas and perform controlled breathing has also helped improve my posture and performance. I enjoy the group classes as a nice mix up to my private sessions. Super happy with the progress! ”

David B.

“ Before I started FP I was in a pretty sad state of affairs. I had symptoms that are consistent with a group of chronic neuromuscular illnesses that after a ton of testing from a bunch of different specialists, was never fully diagnosed. I was losing motor control of my left leg and arm, in constant, blinding pain in my left hip, and beyond exhausted. Medical testing, again, could not conclusively prove anything other than a genetic marker of an autoimmune disease. Drugs didn’t really do much to alleviate the symptoms, neither did holistic and naturopathic medicines. I began the excruciatingly difficult (for me) FP protocols. I won’t lie, for me it was painful, frustrating, and slow. Little by little, I started to see improvements. It started with the limp easing up, turned into normal walking, and after all that time, I am now running. I have never been able to do that due to having Patelo-femoral syndrome when I was younger. My strength is up, I haven’t had any instances of complete shutdowns in my left leg (aka, drunk leg) in months. I feel really good for the first time in a long time.

I am still cautious about an autoimmune-type flair up, and this may not be, but being symptom free after a few years of never constant pain for this long has been amazing.

FP is hard, it’s counterintuitive to the way you may be used to training or doing physical therapy, but it works. Really well. Don’t hesitate, get ready to work your ass off, but get ready to do things that will actually address the problem instead of bandaging them and hoping they go away. ”

Gustavo Cuero

I suffer from lower back pain, sciatica, runners knee, shoulder tightness and pain in my scapula. I’ve been doing Functional Patterns for almost 2 months now and my lower back pain has improved significantly. I still have sciatica, but I’m noticing small improvements on it. My scapula and shoulder are slowly getting better, my posture and overall tightness in my muscles have improved. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel with Functional Patterns. The workouts aren’t only physically challenging but cognitively too, you’ll feel your body and mind starting to connect after each session. ”

Lissa Adams

“ I learned about Functional Patterns from a friend who trained with Nina years ago. I followed online initially and after a variety of exercise boot camps I exacerbated my left knee, ankle, shoulder and low back pain. Before I started FP, I was getting regular deep tissue massages, seeing a chiropractor, stretching in the morning, noon and night. I even changed out my mattress twice and was still experiencing pain and discomfort. Within 1 month of 2x/week individual sessions with Brandon, my low back and shoulder pain was gone. He was also able to identify the cause of my knee and ankle pain and customize my sessions around correcting my posture and movement dysfunctions. I'm so thankful to be correcting the root causes of my pain and learning how to move and work out pain free.

It's hard work - retraining the mind and body - but it's so worth it! ”

Sam Whitley

I hurt my lower back while playing soccer and was in immense pain. I went to the chiropractor and acupuncturist, but it didn’t help manage the pain. I went to Functional Patterns Texas and saw immediate results. Not only did they help ease my lower back pain, but they helped me reach my fitness goals by getting dormant muscles to turn on and activate properly. I personally feel like trainers at regular gyms just go by set protocols and tell me to aimlessly lift weights. However, Brandon at FP Texas is very good at teaching you how to correct your posture and the way you move while being active. This lead me to evolving my overall fitness and long term healthy posture. ”

Sophia Shaney

This place and the people that work here are incredible! As a server, my shoulder's and lower back were always in pain. Not anymore! Since I've attended classes and training here, I have been pain free and my perspective of physical movement has changed forever in all aspects of life. Classes consist of people of all ages and backgrounds which makes it comfortable for anyone. Highly recommend! ”