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Youth Athlete Performance Camp


🔥June 10-13
🔥July 8-11
🔥Aug 5-8


AGES 13-18

Want your young athlete to optimize multi-planar movement for their sport?

Functional Patterns Texas presents a summer athlete performance camp to help alleviate joint pain, improve posture, and increase overall athleticism.

Increase balance, strength, power and coordination

🏃‍♂️Over the course of four days, we will be going over advanced self myo-fascial release techniques, work on breathing, posture and develop links in muscle systems that translate to running, throwing, swinging, jumping, striking, and kicking.

🏃‍♂️ By prioritizing human biomechanics your young athlete will learn how to use their body more efficiently as it relates to their specific sport.

📩Send us a message for more details, link below to reserve your spot

Earlier Event: June 10
Youth Athlete Performance Camp
Later Event: August 5
Youth Athlete Performance Camp